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Hi this is Angie. Welcome to nawanasai <3

nawanasai serves as a home for my multi-disciplinary ethos, where the essence of '나와 나 사이' ('in between me and i') comes to life.

Everything I do is rooted in the power of evolution. I believe in the persistent nature of change and adaptation. With this fundamental truth, I challenge age-old practices by breathing new life into traditions, ensuring its evolution for future generations. My practice thrives on the amalgamation of traditional crafts, contemporary materials, and innovative tools. With this delicate fusion, I create mutations of reality.
Each piece I craft is a testament to this philosophy. Each one bearing the mark of poetic strangeness, born from their evolved forms. Serving as a mirror, reflecting the fragmentary, contingent nature of existence itself. It explores the intricate and slippery relationships between sensation, perception, and time.


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