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Hi I'm Angie. 

I was born in Seoul

Greetings, I'm Angie, and I invite you to explore my portfolio. With a multicultural background having been raised in Seoul, Korea, and Vancouver, Canada, I embarked on a creative journey that led me to earn a BFA in Textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design. Since then, I've cultivated a dynamic career as a designer and artist, specializing primarily in weaving under the banner of Nawanasai. My professional endeavors span collaborations with small to medium-sized brands across interior and fashion industries, including startups. My expertise encompasses textile, graphic, and accessory design, reflecting a commitment to diverse skills harmonized under a unified design philosophy. Presently, I am actively seeking opportunities in art direction and creative direction to further enrich my portfolio and contribute to innovative projects.
Welcome to my portfolio. 

- I was born and raised in Seoul Korea and Vancouver Canada. 
- Received my BFA in Textiles from Rhode Islaand School of Design.
- Since then I have developed a professional career asa designer and artist (main form of practice is weaving) dedicated practicing art through my self driven project (under the umbrella of Nawanasai)
- I have worked with small to medium size brands in the interior and fashion industries, some even start ups. 
- I have worked in the field of textile design, graphic design, accessory design. 
- I am looking for more opportunities in art direction and creative direction. 
- Diverse skills, unified design. 

Everything I do is rooted in the power of evolution. I believe in the persistent nature of change and adaptation. With this fundamental truth, I challenge age-old practices by breathing new life into traditions, ensuring its evolution for future generations. My practice thrives on amalgamation of traditional crafts, contemporary materials, and innovative tools. With this delicate fusion, I create mutations of reality. For each project I am involved, I stand by this belief. Serving as a mirror, reflecting the fragmentary, contingent nature of existence itself. It explores the intricate and slipper relationships between sensation, perception, and time. 
I am a multi-faceted  artist and soft goods designer based in New York and Seoul with a background in textile design and a passion for the evolution and mutation of heritage techniques.

Believe in-- 
Creative work should be intelligent, relevant, beautiful, and therefore memorable. 

Specialize in-- 
Taste Making, Art Direction, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Accessory Design, Digital Content

Language available in-- 
English, Korean

This website is a catalogue of that work. I hope you see something you like.
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